A self-empowered person derives strength to do something through one's own thoughts based on the belief that one knows what is best for them. However, to be able to choose something and achieve it, one must first know what it looks and/or feels like. It's really about power of self and power over self. A self- empowered person develops their "self" – who they are as a human being – and does what supports "self".

Given below is a list of statements. You simply need to √ (check) those that apply to you. It is a self- assessment and nobody but you get to see the scores/result. Therefore, it is imperative that you are entirely honest with yourself while going through the statements and only √(check) those that truly apply to you in all honesty.

Have fun with the self-discovery !

1. I feel satisfied with my life as it is.
2. I feel confident being who I am.
3. I have faith in my own abilities to overcome life's challenges.
4. I believe my present abilities are good enough for achieving what I desire.
5. I can and do rely on my own abilities to move through life situations.
6. I am a competent person.
7. I unshakably know my true value.
8. I consider life a rewarding adventure.
9. I do not get irritated easily.
10. I can trust myself to have and keep a positive attitude in most circumstances.
11. I never dwell on the negative.
12. I focus on what can be learnt from any experience.
13. I am capable of and do take care of myself.
14. I allow others to be responsible for themselves.
15. I do not look to others to validate me.
16. I am not defensive in the face of criticism.
17. I accept compliments gracefully.
18. I neither dominate others nor allow others to dominate me.
19. I encourage others to empower themselves.
20. I relate to other people as humanbeings, accepting the differences easily.
21. I communicate clearly and honestly.
22. I don't expect relationships to always be perfect, harmonious and pleasurable.
23. I choose how I want to feel under any circumstances.
24. I accept others without judging and/or criticizing them.
25. I live by my own rules, not by society's.
26. I keep promises made to myself and others.
27. I complete what I start.
28. I truly know myself.
29. I solve my problems proactivelywithout wasting time and energy worrying.
30. I make decisions with a thorough thought.
31. I take complete responsibility for my thoughts and actions.
32. I allow for and accept risk and I am willing to adjust to the outcome.
33. I embrace possibilities and refuse to accept artificial limitations.
34. I engage in critical thinking while trying to solve my issues, before coming to a conclusion.
35. I have squarely faced and eliminated most of my fears in life.
36. I find it easy to confront people/things squarely, regardless of the outcome.
37. I pay no attention to what has happened in my past or who did what to me. The only thing that matters to me is what I do about it to move forward.
38 .I am willing to invest in myself in time, money and effort for my own growth on all fronts – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial etc.
39. I have a reasonably optimistic and cheerful vision about my future.
40. I have made peace with what was in the past and look forward enthusiastically to what will be in the future while being totally grounded in the present.

To calculate your result please add up your score by giving yourself 1 point each for every √ (check)

Between 35 – 40 points : You are a fiercely independent , strong person. You know your rights and perform your duties with equanimity. You have a winning streak in you but you are always fair and kind to others. You have probably excelled in most areas of your life. At peace with your past , you have forgiven yourself and others. Bravo ! Keep up the good work.

Between 29 – 34 points : You have reflected a lot on your life and have made effort to improve yourself and your life. You are open to exploring yourself more and setting newer and higher goals for yourself in the future. Good job ! Don't stop growing and don't hesitate to get professional help to reach your goals.

Between 23 – 28 points : You have a tendency to becoming overwhelmed whenever you start doing something for yourself. You want to be in a better place and do start on the path to self-betterment, but either give up in between or become discouraged with the slow results and/or other people not supporting you and your cause. More consistency in effort and more self-value are needed on your part. Get professional help to make the positive changes happen faster and more consistently.

Between 15 – 22 points : You really need to take a long , hard , honest look at yourself and your life , without wasting any more time on what ifs / buts/I wish ! Don't get critical with yourself, just be honest. Stop allowing yourself to look to others and God to be and feel better. Make the effort and make it happen ! Since you haven't been able to do it on your own so far, its strongly suggested to get professional help for an overall improvement of your "self" and your life.

Lower than 15 points : You need professional help ASAP.