About Tripti Chitkara

Tripti Chitkara is an internationally celebrated and certified self empowerment coach and spiritual teacher. Tripti's guidance will assist you in reaching new levels of expanded awareness, create better empowered relationship with the self and reach higher-level consciousness.

A Tarot reader since 1983, and Tarot teacher for almost 2 decades, Tripti also practices as a renowned Spiritual Astrologer and Numerologist with deeper focus on Spiritual Numerology (Life Path). She is a Reiki Grand Master for the past 20 years and an expert in Advanced Dousing, Hypnotism and Past life Regression. A Channel and a Clairvoyant, her chosen healing modalities are Theta Healing and Reiki. She holds international certifications as a Self Empowerment Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach Practitioner.

A Spiritual teacher for 2 decades, Tripti's profound and powerful teachings have proven life changing to countless people who have applied her wisdom to create greater levels of elation and fulfillment, finding new significance and purpose in their lives. Whether you have been on a spiritual path your entire life or you are just beginning to feel thestirring the spiritual power within you, an experience with Tripti can indeed be described as an awakening to the spiritually guided life force energy, both gentle and profound, which is quite possibly, the gift of a lifetime.

Tripti's numerous coaching and healing sessions' help you tap into your own God-Self and thus manifest your soul's desires into tangible reality. She helps you carve your own path towards enlightenment, meditation, reincarnation, channeling, higher levels of consciousness, infinite intelligence, and how we create our lives with our thoughts. She takes you from being a victim of your circumstances to being victorious, becoming self-empowered and sovereign in your being.