Duration: 8 sessions in total

The first 4 sessions will have to be in a span of two weeks and the rest can happen as you go along. During these sessions, you will form a never before realized intimate relationship wjth your true self while learning several spiritual tools to help you navigate through the rest of your life with ease and grace and inner strength.


The results of the healing sessions are boundless, but here are just a few:

  • Discover, with absolute clarity, your specific life purpose & what you really desire
  • Align with your soul's desires to begin creating a life, relationship and business/career you love
  • Discover your inherent truth and align your soul's desire
  • Identify what restraining beliefs, fears, & old programs that hold you back from everything you desire and transcend them once-and-for-all
  • Clear and absolute understanding of your strengths, passions, and creativity, and how to use them to transform your own life
  • Cultivate transparent communication in your relationships
  • Create your life purposefully, blissfully and immaculately!
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